Thursday, January 14, 2010

A small world we live in.....

Comedian Jerry Seinfeld does an interesting bit about how everything is smaller on airplanes: " There's always tiny food, tiny liquor bottles, tiny pillows, a tiny bathroom, a tiny sink, and tiny soap. Everone's in a cramped seat, working on a tiny computer. There's always a "small" problem, there will be a "slight" delay, we'll be a bit late, if you can be a little patient...."

I'd have to say that my first week on Interferon compares to what Seinfeld is talking about, everything is smaller- light chills, negligible muscle ache, barely there headaches, minor fatigue, low dose interferon all this to fight residual disease. Now we're a few days in- I still feel side effects- just at a more suppressed level.

Today I had to go in to get blood tests done. As part of my agreement with the Americans I have to go through a whole alphabet of blood tests every 2 weeks. In order for the lab to properly preform all the tests- I'm required to submit 4 tubes of blood (my personal record is 6 tubes!).

The blood technician asked me if I was comfortable giving blood...really? Me? Have a problem giving blood? I tried to keep a straight face...... After I reminded her that she needs to use the yellow capped tubes instead of the red ones- she knew she was talking to a pro :)

Blood results will be in tomorrow- it'll be interesting to see what effect the interferon has had on my blood chemistry over the last week. I'm not sure what to expect- am I feeling more tired because of reduced hemoglobin or is that just the drug doing what it does?

I'm only slightly anxious ;P

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